Visiting Japan (Visa)

Documentation from Guarantor

If your case requires a guarantor, please submit the following documents from Japan. Please note that all documents must be originals.

  1. Letter of Guarantee1

    Japanese Version: Letter of Guarantee
    English Version: Letter of Guarantee

  2. Letter of Reason for Invitation1 --Please fill in the purpose of invitation and the relationship with visa applicant(s) in detail.

    Japanese Version: Letter of Reason for Invitation
    English Version: Letter of Reason for Invitation

  3. Schedule of Stay1

    Japanese Version: Schedule of Stay
    English Version: Schedule of Stay

  4. Evidence of Guarantor's credibility

    -- In cases where an individual invites the applicant, a certificate of employment, a certificate of income tax payment2 (Kazei-shomeisho, Nozei-shomeisho etc.) and a certificate of the guarantor's Official Resident Register ( Jumin- hyo) issued without any omissions must be provided3.

    -- In cases where a Japanese company invites the applicant4, a certified copy of the Official Corporate Register (Tokibo-tohon) of the company or a document that shows the company's outline (a pamphlet, brochure, annual report or evidence that shows the company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market) must be provided. If the company is listed on the Japanese stock market, a copy of Kaisya-Shikiho (company page in the stock market listing) may be provided instead.


  1. If your guarantor can write Japanese, please fill them out in Japanese.
  2. Certificate of income tax payment must show the guarantor’s income. Statement of Tax Withholding (Gensen-Choshu- hyo) is not acceptable.
  3. In cases where the guarantor is a non-Japanese citizen, please submit a copy of both sides of the guarantor's "Residence card" (or "Certificate of alien Reigstration") as well. At the time of application, the guarantor's length of stay must have at least one year remaining.
  4. In cases where a company is the guarantor, the company’s official seal is required on the letter of guarantee.


  1. The contents of this document are subject to change without notice.
  2. Additional Documents may be required depending on the case.

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