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JET Program

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program

For detailed information on JET visit the Program's US site: . 他のサイトへ

The deadline to apply to the 2019 JET Program is November 17th, 11:59PM EST. The application is available on他のサイトへ


This year, the application is entirely online. Applicants must submit all documents online by November 17th, 11:59PM EST.


JET is an extraordinary opportunity to live and work in Japan for at least a year. Sponsored by the Japanese Government, the program’s goals are to improve English language education and promote grass-roots level international exchange in Japan.

JET Program Positions

ALT - Assistant Language Teacher: ALTs assist Japanese teachers in public school English classes and local boards of education. There is no Japanese language requirement for ALTs. More than 90% of all JETs work as ALTs.

CIR - Coordinator for International Relations: CIRs are engaged in international exchange activities at the local government level. They receive overseas guests, translate foreign publications into Japanese, teach English and interpret at various events. They also cooperate and give advice in planning and implementing international exchange events. A good command of Japanese is required for CIRs.


Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree by July of the year in which they will begin the program. JET is open to citizens of 54 countries, but to apply in the US, you must be a US Citizen. The JET Program seeks candidates who are mature, flexible and interested in learning about Japan while sharing their own culture.


JET provides transportation to and from Japan and remuneration which JETs use to pay their living expenses. The pay for first-year JETs is JY 3,360,000 per year. Housing is usually arranged by the Contracting Organization, with participants bearing all related costs such as deposits, rent, utilities, etc.


US Citizens should apply through the US JET site:他のサイトへ

Citizens of other participating countries can find further information at:他のサイトへ

If you have any questions, please contact: jetdesk AT bz DOT mofa DOT go DOT jp


JET Alumni

New England JET Alumni Association Website>他のサイトへ