MEXT Scholarships


Japanese Government Scholarships Overview

Each year, the Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Government of Japan) offers scholarships to foreign students for the following:

Research Student Scholarships are available to graduate level students wishing to conduct specific research proposals at Japanese universities in the fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.

Specialized Training College Scholarships are available to high school graduates wishing to study at Japanese professional training schools. The fields of study include civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunication, nutrition, infant education, secretarial studies, hotel management, tourism, fashion/dressmaking, design, and photography.

Japanese Studies Scholarships are available to undergraduate students wishing to pursue studies in Japanese language and culture at Japanese universities.

Undergraduate Student Scholarships are for high school graduates who wish to study at a Japanese university. The scholarship includes one year of Japanese language training at a Japanese language school prior entrance to the Japanese university for four years of undergraduate studies.

*Please note that each scholarship has its own individual guidelines and qualifications.

Applicants must apply through a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in the country where they hold citizenship. The Consulate in Boston provides application opportunities to American citizens living in New England. For an application and further details, please contact the Consulate.