Culture and Education


Complimentary School Visit Program

The School Visit program is designed to introduce students to Japan and Japanese culture. Each presentation is about an hour long and includes a brief general introduction to Japan with a 15-minute video clip on themes such as school life in Japan etc., followed by an activities on one of the following topics.

  1. Japanese Greetings and Numbers
    Learn basic Japanese greetings and/or numbers.

  2. Japanese Writing Systems
    Learn how to write your name in Japanese.

  3. Traditional Japanese Games and Toys Workshop
    Learn about and play traditional Japanese games, toys and activities.

  4. Japanese Holidays and Festivals
    Learn about a seasonal holiday or festival and try a related game or activity.

  5. Origami Workshop
    Learn about origami (the art of paper-folding).

Other topics may be arranged by special request. Most materials will be provided, however educators may be asked to provide such things as paper, writing utensils and a blackboard or whiteboard. For a School Visit Request Form, click HERE.



Consulate-General of Japan in Boston Federal Reserve Plaza 22nd Floor,
600 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA 02210
TEL:617-973-9772 ext.138,FAX:617-542-1329