Culture and Education


Complimentary School Visit Program

     The Consulate General of Japan in Boston offers a school visit program to students in grades K-12 who are attending schools in New England. Under this program, the Cultural Affairs Department will introduce students to Japanese language and/or culture through a one-hour session. All sessions will be conducted in English and are provided free of charge. We are able to provide sessions on the following topics:
  1. Japanese Culture
  2. School Life in Japan
  3. Language Lessons
  4. Japanese Writing Lessons
  5. Children’s Stories
  6. Children’s Songs
  7. Holidays and Festivals
  8. Arts and Crafts Workshop
  9. Origami Workshop
Other topics may be arranged if requested.
If you are an educator and would like to request a school visit for your class, please fill out the following School Visit Form and email it to When filling out the form, please specify if you would prefer a Zoom or in-person visit. Please note that all in-person school visit requests are subject to the availability of staff, travel distance, weather conditions, etc. and we are unable to guarantee you an in-person visit due to these conditions. If we are unable to fulfill an in-person school visit request, we will offer you a Zoom visit instead. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding in advance.