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Greetings from Consul General

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New England is glowing with activity. As the intellectual and biotech hub of the United States, the region represents a vital center for forward thinking, now more than ever. It is against this backdrop that I am delighted to offer my most heartfelt greetings to you. As Consul General of Japan in New England, I believe this region’s contributions to the world will only grow.

In a way, coming to New England has brought me full circle. The quaint atmosphere of our Cambridge, Massachusetts, is reminiscent of Cambridge, England, where I lived many years ago. My last posting in the United States was with our Embassy in Washington, DC, and I am excited to return to the East Coast. Having also lived in Moscow, my family and I are no strangers to cold winters.

New England plays a central role in U.S.-Japan relations. From the tale of shipwrecked John Manjiro, to the first sister-city relationship between Newport, Rhode Island and Shimoda, Japan, in 1958, our cultural ties run deep. New England and Japan have also cultivated strong relationships in academia, healthcare, and technological innovation. Recently, the Consulate opened its first-ever satellite office at the Cambridge Innovation Center, where we connected with more than 70 entrepreneurs from close to 40 companies in the span of a month. The Consulate also began co-sponsoring the U.S.-Japan Science Forum from its inaugural year in 2016 to explore scientific collaboration. That year, we sought ways to address demographic challenges, and in 2017, we examined the future of food science.

Japan is proud to promote economic growth in the region. Massachusetts alone is home to more than 200 Japanese-owned companies that have created nearly 15,000 jobs. Moreover, Japan remains a top import and export partner for nearly every state in the region, and we stand committed to creating win-win business opportunities.

I believe the multidimensional relationship between New Englanders and Japanese will continue to flourish. Around our clasped hands, we have fashioned a framework for success grounded in trust and common values. This region serves as a microcosm of our broader bilateral bond, one that I will do everything I can to nurture. I ask you for your ongoing support and goodwill as we continue to work together to make the world a safer, more prosperous place.

It is a privilege to actively foster exchanges and a spirit of cooperation alongside the talented and diverse people of New England. I look forward to extending and deepening that cooperation during my tenure.

Rokuichiro Michii
Consul General of Japan in New England