The 13th Annual Japanese Language Contest

The 13th Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest was held on Saturday, March 30th, 2024. The Essay Contest was held earlier in March. We would like to congratulate the winners of both contests on their achievement! Winners of our contest received prizes from our sponsors: Shoyeido Incense Company, Kodansha USA Publishing LLC, and Ogawa Coffee USA.
We would like to give a shout out to all students who submitted entries to our contests! We hope that you will continue your Japanese studies.
We would also like to acknowledge all the Japanese teachers who inspire students to do their best.
Essay Contest Winners
大学初級レベル College Beginner Division
1位 Yameng (Moe) Zhang Brown University 私が一番好きな趣味:シンクロナイズスイミング
2位 Yiheng Yao Mount Holyoke College 私の友達・私を照らす幸せの光
3位 Emma Erkkila Bates College 今治へのりょこう

大学中級レベル College Intermediate Division
1位 Alexander Voses Boston University  私と日本
2位 Wai Lun Mak Boston University ドラえもん
3位 Chi-Yu Lin UMass Boston 私と日本

大学上級レベル College Advanced Division
1位 Bryce Okihiro Brown University 2023 年で私が一番嬉しかった出来事
2位 Yuxuan Li UMass Amherst 聖地巡礼―私の一番好きな趣味
3位 Yuna Antal Mount Holyoke College 知らない国から「帰る」国へ

Speech Contest Winners
大学中級レベル College Intermediate Division
1位 Jiabao Chen Mount Holyoke College 富士山の美しさから生まれた私と日本の物語
2位 Susan Le Middlebury College AIと日本語
3位 Cameron Wang Brandeis University 表紙で本を判断してはいけない

大学上級レベル College Advanced Division
1位 Alan Wang Bates College アーバニズムと私
2位 Angel Alvarado Amaya Yale University 次世代
3位 James McGuiness UMass Amherst 金を求めてダイヤモンドを失った