The 40th Black Ships Festival

Consul General Suzuki attended the opening ceremony and Gala at the 40th Black Ships Festival which was held in Rhode Island between August 11 and 13.  The Festival has been held annually in Newport, RI and Bristol, RI to commemorate the life of Commodore Matthew C. Perry, whose voyage to Uraga, Japan in 1853 in the late Edo-period with his fleet of “Kurofune” Black Ships marked the opening of US-Japan relations. He was born and raised in the state of Rhode Island. The Consulate General of Japan in Boston introduced attendees to Japanese cultural activities such as Taiko drumming and Kendo at the Cultural Marketplace Fair on August 12.

 Consul General Suzuki delivered his remarks at the opening ceremony.

Laying of the wreaths in honor of Commodore Matthew C. Perry