November 12, 2016 “The Japan-US Science Forum in Boston”

The Japan-US Science Forum was held on November 12 at Harvard University. The event objective was “Changing the World through Japan’s Scientific Endeavors.” After experiencing unprecedented high economic growth in the post-war period and the “bubble economy” in the late 1980s, Japan today faces a host of challenges that are likely to test other developed countries in the near future. By developing solutions for aging societies, population decline, and energy issues, Japan is well positioned to offer the world innovative new ways to address shared challenges.

Themed “Japan’s Rapidly Aging Society,” the forum started with opening remarks by Dr. Mitsuaki Nozaki, Director, JSPS Washington Office and Consul-General Rokuichiro Michii.. The lectures were given by the Japanese researchers in the US, such as Professor Ichiro Kawachi from Harvard School of Public Health, Professor Shin-Ichiro Imai from Washington University School of Medicine and Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno from Stanford University.

Following the forum, a poster session themed “rapidly aging society” was held and JSPS Washington Director Award” and “Consul General of Japan Award” were given to remarkable presentations.

Several Japanese universities and institutions also participated as poster exhibiters to introduce their research activities. Approx. 140 participants, including researchers from universities, research institutes in the U.S. and interested members of the public attended the event.

JSPS Washington Office Director Awardee: Dr. Keisuke Konno (JSPS Overseas Research Fellow, Ohio State Univ.)

Consul General of Japan Awardee: Dr. Motoshi Hayano (Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School)