Memorial Day Ceremony on 28th May in Lowell

On May 28, Consul General Michii joined a Memorial Day ceremony in Lowell, Massachusetts, honoring 12 American servicemen killed by the atomic bomb blast over Hiroshima in 1945. The ceremony featured the unveiling of a memorial plaque paying tribute to the servicemen. Japanese historian Shigeaki Mori – who dedicated much of his life to finding the families of the 12 prisoners of war – also participated.

Mori met with President Obama during the President’s historic visit to Hiroshima in 2016. Mori’s documentary “Paper Lanterns” followed how Mori worked to honor the POWs. The film particularly captures the stories of Lowell native Normand Brissette , Kentucky native Ralph Neal and others.

During the ceremony, Mr. Mori, Consul General Michii, Lowell Mayor William Samaras, and Massachusetts State Representative Thomas A. Golden Jr. delivered remarks.

During the ceremony

With Lowell Mayor W. Samaras

With the family of US service men

Mr. and Mrs. Mori lay flowers to pay their respects to the American POWs

Consul General Michii says a few words in front of the new commemorative plaque