Mr. Fernando Quezada Receives Commendation

On November 2 2015, a ceremony was held at the Residence of the Consul General to present the Japanese Foreign Minister’s commendation to Mr. Fernando Quezada. Those attending the ceremony included Hon. Jay Kaufman, State Representative; Dr. Calestous Juma, Professor at John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University; and Mr. Daniel Hernandez, Consul General of Mexico.


Presenting the memorial gift of commendation Presenting the certificate from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts house of representatives(From left to right, Ms. Shelly Quezada, Mr. Fernando Quezada, Hon. Jay Kaufman, and Consul General Tsutomu Himeno)


Presenting the Japanese Foreign Minister’s commendation Remarks from Mr. Quezada Congratulatory remarks from Dr. Calestous Juma