Departure greetings from Consul General Himeno

Having been instructed on Friday, June 3 to return to Japan. I leave today (Thursday, 16 June).

This move, which is part of the Foreign Ministry's annual summer personnel changes, came as a surprise to me.

I truly regret that this very short period before my departure did not allow enough time to express my gratitude to you in person. We are very sorry for that. Please excuse me.

As Consul General of Japan to New England, it was a true pleasure to collaborate to foster closer relations between Japan and New England. I shall cherish the many fond memories.

My successor has not been named yet and before my successor arrives, Deputy Consul General Jiro Usui will be Acting Consul General.

Please extend to my successor and to all of the Consulate staff the wonderful support and friendship that you have offered to me.

Thank you very much once again.

With very best wishes,
Tsutomu (Tom) Himeno
Consul General of Japan to New England
16 June, 2016