Payment of Visa Fees for Online Applications


Payment of Visa Fees for Online Applications

*The eVISA website is limited to applications for Short-Term Stay visas for the purpose of Tourism. Please note that you cannot apply through the eVISA website for other purposes, and these applications must be done through the Consulate.
How to Apply
through the eVisa Website at Consulate
Tourism Yes Yes
Business Trip No Yes
Visiting relatives No Yes
Visiting acquaintances No Yes
Attending a seminar/workshop No Yes
Work No Yes
Study No Yes
Japan Trek No Yes
Participating in Competitions No Yes
Long term stay No Yes

** Please note that if you apply for a visa online and are not exempt from paying the visa fee, you may pay the fee in one of the following ways:
1. Appear in person at our consulate and pay the fee in cash.
*** Please note that visa fee can NOT be paid by credit card at our consulate or by mail.
2. Register your credit card after receiving the email notification regarding the fee payment and pay with the registered credit card (applicable from the e-mail notification received on or after July 10, 2023).
***It will take an average of one to two working days for your eVisa to be issued after you have registered your credit card.
*** Please note that when paying by credit card, the fee will be charged in Japanese yen and the Consulate does NOT issue receipt for it.

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