Boston – Tokyo Direct Flight 10th Anniversary Budō Festival

     On the 6th of November, the Consulate General of Japan in Boston hosted the martial arts “Budō Festival” at the William Lincoln School in Brookline in collaboration with local Bostonian kendō club Shūfūkai.
     The festival consisted of martial arts introduction by the Consulate and a kendō training team tournament by the Shūfūkai.
     The day started with a speech by Mr. Yamazaki, the head of organizing committee of the 1st Boston Consul-General’s Cup kendō training tournament, which was followed by remarks from Consul-General Suzuki. Mr. Hooper and Mr. Harrison performed Nippon kendō kata, while Mr. Poitras performed iaidō.
     The kendō training team tournament began with referee Yoshida’s instruction to the participating teams, after which the matches played throughout the morning and afternoon. The winning team was presented with the inaugural Consulate Cup by Consul General Suzuki, while the runners up and third place teams were presented with medals, in addition to other prizes awarded to participants.
     Additionally, the festival was accompanied by various booths outside the gymnasium including those of the Japan Society of Boston, Japan Airlines, and kendō equipment vendors, in addition to event support from Ogawa Coffee and Ebisuya Japanese Market. The inaugural “Budō Festival” was hosted successfully without issue thanks to all of these groups and businesses’ support and involvement