Consul General Ohmori Attends the Whitfield Manjiro Friendship Society Cherry Blossom Festival

   On May 1st, Consul General Ohmori attended the Whitfield Manjiro Friendship Society Cherry Blossom Festival and gave the opening remarks. People from Kochi Prefecture, where Manjiro is from, were also in attendance, and following “God Bless America,” the attendees sang “God Bless Japan,” with guitar accompaniment, creating a jovial atmosphere. Dr. Matthew Perry, who is a fourth generation descendant of Commodore Matthew Perry who led the expedition of the Black Ships to Japan, was also in attendance.
   The Whitefield Manjiro Memorial Hall is the home of Captain Whitfield, where John Manjiro first stayed in the United States. It has been purchased and renovated through the fundraising money that was raised for this purpose, led by Dr. Hinohara Shigeaki, the former honorary head of St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo, Japan. Additionally, Fairhaven, where Whitfield Manjiro Memorial Hall is located, has a sister-city relationship with Tosashimizu City in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, the hometown of John Manjoro,. Every year, one of the two sister cities holds the John Manjiro Festival.

The President of the Whitfield-Manjiro Friendship Society, Gerald Rooney, Mr. Rooney’s wife, Consul General Ohmori Setsuo, and the Consul General’s wife

Dr. Matthew Perry, a 4th generation descendant of Commodore Perry, Consul General Ohmori, and the Consul General’s wife