Japanese Foundation Grant Presented to Clark University

On April 11, Mr. Shinichi Honda, Consul of Cultural and General Affairs from the Consulate General of Japan in Boston, visited Clark University, which is located in central Massachusetts. On behalf of the Government of Japan, Mr. Honda presented Clark University Japanese Department with a Grant for Japanese Language Instructors, which was provided by the Japan Foundation.
Clark University has been providing Japanese education to its students for over 30 years since its first Japanese language course was started in 1989 with the support of the Japan Foundation. Among the students who have studied Japanese at Clark University, there are those who have maintained their relationship with Japan by participating in the JET program after graduating from college, and among the students who are currently studying Japanese, there are also students who are planning to study abroad in Japan or are hoping to pursue a career, such as Japanese-English translation, where they would be able to use Japanese. It is our hope that this grant will contribute to the preservation and strengthening of Japanese language education at Clark University.