The 11th Annual Japanese Language Contest

The 11th Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest was held via Zoom on Saturday, April 9th, 2022. The Essay Contest was held in March. We would like to congratulate the winners of both contests on their achievement! Winners of our contest will be receiving prizes from our sponsors, Shoyeido Incense Company and Kodansha USA Publishing LLC, and Ogawa Coffee.
We would like to give a shout out to all students who submitted entries to our contests! We hope that you will continue in your Japanese studies and submit entries to our contests in the future. All students who didn’t end up placing 1st-3rd in their category will be receiving limited edition Haru Coffee, a single serve drip coffee, from Ogawa Coffee.

Essay Contest Winners(エッセイコンテスト)

高校上級レベル High School Advanced Division
1位 Michelle Montenegro Classical High School 私は何人ですか?
2位 Jax Teixeira Exeter High School コロナウイルスのロックダウンで学んだこと
3位 Athena Holloway Classical High School 頂の景⾊
大学初級レベル College Beginner Division
1位 Tracy Wen Mount Holyoke College 運命の名古屋への道
2位 Jourden Jones Mount Holyoke College パンデミックと
3位 Yinzi Chen Mount Holyoke College 私の幕末未発見物語
大学中級レベル College Intermediate Division
1位 Jessica Lu Boston College アニメの真の価値
2位 Clementine Starck Wellesley College 日本の文化:神道
3位 Diego Hernandez Wesleyan University 励まし合う
大学上級レベル College Advanced Division
1位 Nafisa Rashid Wellesley College 声の力で文化の普及
2位 David Kim Boston College 悔しさと挫折を糧に
3位 Ella Biehn Wesleyan University パンデミックの日本語

Speech Contest Winners(スピーチコンテスト)
高校レベル High SchoolDivision
1位 Kylie Tiemeyer Classical High School 日本の夏
2位 David Busnel Exeter High School 私のネコ
3位 Helen Akinola Classical High School 海より深い母の愛
大学中級レベル College Intermediate Division
1位 Abiba Imam Dyuti Harvard University 幸福の経済論
2位 Yixuan Wang Mount Holyoke College アニメ文化、その窓を
3位 Lily Gao Colby College 私と日本
大学上級レベル College Advanced Division
1位 Megan Yeo Harvard University 言語は国の鏡である
2位 Felice Li Wesleyan University 温故知新
3位 Samuel Starobin UMass Amherst 亀裂