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Prof. Michael R. Reich Receives Decoration

On June 5 2015, a ceremony was held at the Residence of the Consul General to confer the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon on Prof. Michael R. Reich. Those attending the ceremony included Dr. Yoshitake Yokokura, President of the Japan Medical Association (JMA); Mr. Peter Grilli, Former President of the Japan Society of Boston; Prof. Susan Pharr, Edwin O Reischauer Professor of Japanese Politics at Harvard University; and Dr. El-Fatih El-Samani, Takemi Fellow and Professor of Community Medicine, Ahfad University for Women in Sudan.


Presenting the Patent

Presenting the Patent of Decoration


Bestowing the Medal

Bestowing the medal


Dr. Yokokura

Congratulatory remarks from Dr. Yokokura, president of the Japan Medical Association (JMA)


Mr. Grilli

Congratulatory remarks from Mr. Grilli


Prof. Pharr

Congratulatory remarks from Prof. Pharr


Dr. El-Samani

Congratulatory remarks from Dr. El-Samani


Prof. Reich remarks

Remarks from Prof. Reich


Prof. Reich and Family

Prof. Reich with his family


Prof. Reich, Dr. Yokukura, CG Himeno

Prof. Reich with Dr. Yokokura and Consul General Himeno


Prof. Reich, Mr. Grilli, Prof. Pharr, Dr. El-Samani & Takemi Fellows

Prof. Reich with Mr. Grilli, Prof. Pharr, Dr. El-Samani and Takemi Fellows