Foreign Minister’s Commendations for FY 2017

On June 29, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Foreign Minister Commendations 2017 for 187 people, including following 3 people in New England, for their promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and the U.S.

  • Mr. Glenn Sorei Pereira (Chado Urasenke instructor)
  • Ms. Margaret Masumi Yamamoto (Co-President, New England Japanese American Citizens League)
  • Ms. Kikuko Yamashita (Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of East Asian Studies, Brown University)

The Foreign Minister of Japan has long recognized their efforts to promote mutual understanding between Japan and the U.S. and decided to award the Commendation to acknowledge their contributions. The Commendations also aim to promote understanding and support of the Japanese public towards the activities of the recipients.
Award ceremonies will be held later this year.

The announcement is here.
The list of Foreign Minister Commendations 2017 (individuals) is here.