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Greetings from Consul General

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Each time I attend an event or visit somewhere in New England, I am impressed by the number of people pursuing activities in a wide variety of fields. Needless to say, New England is a well-known historical region of the U.S. with deep cultural roots. It is the center of education, medical practice and research, health care, the arts and cutting edge technology. As a result, with such a wealth of resources, New England’s responsibilities are steadily increasing. It is a great honor for me to support the citizens of this region and promote exchanges between Japan and the United States. I pledge to be of service to the citizens of New England, as I feel I have a very important role to play.


Given the circumstances of the world today, it is difficult to predict the future, since all issues, including regional realities and individual problems, are complicated and interrelated. For example, in East Asia, the geopolitical landscape is changing. European countries are facing many challenges and an influx of refugees. Additionally, terrorism continues and the world economy has been sluggish since the beginning of the year. Japan is also facing similar issues and we are trying our best to overcome them. During these difficult times throughout the world, there will be a shift to a new U.S. government in January, 2017. Since we are in a period of change, it is very significant that Japan and the United States, which share similar values, continue to maintain close dialogue, deepen our understanding of each other, while also cooperating with other countries. Such collaboration will provide a better future for upcoming generations, while creating a more stable international society.


The success of this cooperation and exchange is based on our collaborative efforts; the people who live here, run businesses, study, conduct research, teach in institutes, and who are active in art, culture, and sports. As the Consul General in New England, it is my intention to do all I can to support your activities and lives. Also, as part of our efforts to develop closer relationships between Japan and New England, I would like to focus on the continued promotion of exchange programs, the improvement of the overall environment in the fields of education, research, business, art and culture, and continue to share information to the greater community. It is a true pleasure to collaborate with you to promote more exchanges between our two countries while also bringing added value to your endeavors.


In addition, our office will continue to work hard to provide improved and more convenient services in the Consular Section, an area that deeply relates to your daily lives. Especially in this day and age, with our heightened concern about unexpected emergencies, we support the safety and stability of the lives of Japanese citizens through the improvement of our emergency networks.

Our goal is to be a more friendly and helpful consulate for all. In this effort, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes for success and prosperity.


Rokuichiro Michii
Consul General