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Farewell from Consul General

CG Muto


June 30, 2014

Dear Friend,
Recently, my government has instructed me to return to Tokyo in early July for a new assignment there.  Ever since my arrival in Boston in October of 2012, I have enjoyed the warm support of countless new friends.  I have been deeply thankful for this, as your support and friendship have enabled me to do my best to further strengthen the Japan-U.S. relationship.

At a time when confrontations are happening in the Asia Pacific region on almost a daily basis, I am grateful for the interest in these incidents that I have seen here in New England.  In the course of communicating Japan’s position on these matters, I have learned much from listening to the advice and opinions of experts here. 

Also, recognizing that the advanced manufacturing technologies that have fueled the remarkable growth of the Massachusetts and New England economies could also be helpful to Japan’s strategy of economic growth, I have worked hard to strengthen our relations in that area. 

I have often been touched by the warm feelings about Japan that I have encountered from members of the Japan America societies and sister-city groups wherever I have traveled in New England, and thus I have realized again the importance of grass roots exchanges between our citizens.

On a personal level, I have greatly enjoyed my work and life here.  I have learned much and made many new friends.  It has been a truly rewarding experience, and I am grateful for your kindness and support. 

On my return to Tokyo, I will take full advantage of the experiences and wisdom I have gained in New England to become the best I can be as a diplomat.  I hope that in the future as well, you will lend me your learning and encouragement. 

In closing I would like you to have my warm wishes for your good health and success. And I pray for the future prosperity of relations between Japan and New England.

Akira Muto
Consul General of Japan in Boston