Black Ships Festival, Newport RI (July 15-17)

The Newport Black Ships Festival was held from July 15-17, 2016. On the 15th, an opening ceremony was held at Touro Park in Newport. In attendance were Acting Consul General Usui, RI State Senator Weed, Newport Mayor Napolitano, and Mr. Takeuchi, vice-chairman of Shimoda City Council. Together they made a floral tribute.
“The Arts and Crafts Fair” on the 16th, featured workshops and booths demonstrating such aspects of traditional Japanese culture as the Japanese martial art aikido, calligraphy, and tea ceremony. There was also a performance of the koto.

Opening Ceremony: Acting Consul General Usui gives greetings                                                                            


Demonstration of Aikido at the “Arts and Crafts Fair”


Kite making workshop by Shimoda city         Calligraphy demonstration by Kaji Aso Studio 


    Koto performance by Kaji Aso Studio